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EPIC Systems’ Automated Pilot Plant Increases Production 60% for Leading Automotive Chemicals Company

integrated-batch-automationEPIC Systems, Inc. recently delivered a custom automated pilot plant that produces a petroleum additive for a leading automotive chemicals company. The client upgraded their system to an automated operation, featuring custom formulation capabilities for internal testing and end-customer formulation flexibility. Production was increased 60% through a customized automation integration plan, new batch management software, and an engineered approach to process scale-up.

Moving from manual to automated batching improved consistency of batches between runs, with better tracking of process parameters. Using the distributed control system DeltaV, EPIC implemented an automation software that enables users to quickly gain access to recipe management and data collection running throughout the plant. New equipment with higher temperature ratings (than the previous system) is key to the development of future products.
“This plant improves our client’s ability to provide custom formulations to their customers and increase internal testing of new formulations. Higher production rates means more product is run through the system in a day. A broader temperature range and key equipment updates drastically improved system efficiency. The range of products they are able to run through this one pilot skid greatly increased.” said Project Manager, Matt Benz.

automated-pilot-plantModular design of the pilot plant meant a faster build and delivery schedule, with basic  operation testing taking place before shipment. The client performed FAT testing before the pilot plant left EPIC’s fabrication shop. From initial design through fabrication and FAT testing, the pilot plant took only eleven months and was successfully delivered to the client.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS: EPIC Systems, Inc. is a complete design, build and integration company that provides modular process system fabrication. Founded in 1995, EPIC Systems, Inc. is located in St. Louis, MO USA, with experience in multi-disciplined engineering and fabrication. For more information on about EPIC’s pilot plant capabilities, visit and see how you can Do It Better.

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