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EPIC Advanced Automation Services

Get ahead of your competition by integrating practical, proven automation strategies into your plant. Our industrial automation solutions help you make products better, faster and for less cost. Learn more about our specific solutions, which include:

Implementation Methods

Our proven control system development method will ensure you exceed your goals, stay under budget and provide long-term ROI. We provide turnkey automation solutions that start as a concept and are designed, programmed, and installed by EPIC. The steps every project goes through include:

  1. Design
  2. Programming
  3. Assembly & Fabrication of hardware
  4. Installation
  5. Startup


We can implement solutions for virtually any industry, and have worked across a wide range of them in 20 years of plant automation. From sanitary food plants to industrial distillation towers producing alternative fuels, our team has the experience to make automation successful for you.

Learn more about common industries we work with or contact us today to get a quote for your project.

Examples of Past Work

Many of our clients have confidential projects that we can’t share, but we have put together some case studies for projects we are allowed to discuss.

Check out our past work and compare us to other top industrial automation companies.


While we hold no formal partnerships, we do have working relationships with several different vendors and suppliers that we frequently partner with projects on. However, our clients needs always come first and we work with almost all platforms and suppliers when it makes sense for our customers.

See our frequent project partners or contact EPIC to discuss your specific project.

The EPIC Edge 

Our turnkey approach to automation means you’ll be getting a proven system that scales and competes over time, not a short term solution doomed to upgrade in a year or two. We live by the golden rule, and our many lasting relationships prove our worth as an integrator that truly cares about your success.

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