At EPIC Automation, every practical, beneficial and cost-efficient automation solution we develop is based upon industry research and trends.  Before any design or development takes place, our engineers take the time to research and gain a thorough understanding of the process.  In October of 2011, Bill Lydon, Editor of wrote an article called “PLC […]

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The New Line Integration Landscape

Line integration has changed over the years. It’s not just about making several machines work together through controls and mechanical adjustments.  New technologies such as machine vision and robotics have made more possible with less, but have also created new challenges for automation experts. New emphasis on line efficiency analysis, demands for validation assistance and the increasing desire […]

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The Human Element of Automation

Recently, Tube and Pipe Journal published an article called “An Automation Project Is A People Project” which featured an interview of John Schott, President of EPIC Systems, Inc. The article and Mr. Schott emphasize that a project cannot be successful without the people involved. In fact, having the right people involved at the right stage of the […]

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Ask An Engineer: Should I Install Remote Access?

Question: Should I add remote access to my blending operations for my automation provider? They keep telling me it will save me money in the long run but I’m not convinced it’s safe. Answer from Jason Baron, Automation Engineer: Remote access does provide a lot of advantages from a cost standpoint, your provider is correct about that, especially […]

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Don’t Let Your Integrator Hold You Hostage: Do It Better

Can you modify all your automation programs? Do you have the engineering drawings for everything on your manufacturing floor? Unfortunately for most manufacturer’s, the answer to one or both of these questions is “no.” A lot of integrators don’t relinquish their controller and HMI programs or drawings to the end client. This protects the design […]

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System Integrator’s Inside Tip: When To Automate

Your packing operations are probably somewhere between fully automated and completely manual on the automation scale. Thanks in part to system integrators, automation has become common place for industry, but knowing which processes to automation, at what time, is key to your future success. Automation can be both a blessing and a significant expense. Mike […]

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PLC Controls to the Rescue

Do you want tighter control of your production lines, but can’t afford to install a controller for every line? Wish you could gather more data on your manufacturing process or integrate remote process data with on-site real-time feedback? PLC controls, combined with real-time Ethernet, networking, and distributed controls are breaking down barriers and increasing your […]

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Keep Up with the Jones’ – Don’t Wait to Upgrade from PLC-5 to ControlLogix

Still using PLC-5s? If so, you may want to consider a platform conversion  from PLC-5 to ControlLogix (CLX) soon. PLC-5s have been discontinued and are now obsolete, which poses risks if you are currently using them in your manufacturing plant. What happens if you experience a failure? Do you have spare PLC-5 processors on hand, […]

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