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Chemical Packaging Line Upgrades

The customer’s chemical packaging line was experiencing intermittent delays. The customer wanted to identify issues, maximize line uptime, and integrate a better OEE tracking system for their chemical packaging line.

Industry: Chemicals

Client: Fortune 100 Chemical Company

EPIC engineered and installed this chemical packaging lineKEY ENGINEERING FEATURES:

  • Rockwell FactoryTalk Metrics integration for fault code tracking
  • PC-Based reporting system for OEE tracking and downtime metrics
  • Full chemical packaging line evaluation with mechanical and automation recommendations


  • Line faults for existing OEE tracking were not integrated in one central database, making troubleshooting difficult
  • Frequent line stoppage issues caused by both mechanical problems and conflicting line controls needed to be corrected to drastically reduce downtime


EPIC completed a thorough review of the entire filling and chemical packaging line, identifying automation issues and problems with key equipment. Several chemical packaging line changes were recommended and implemented:

  • Different conveyor speeds relieved issues by creating proper feed rates for machinery
  • PID loop was tuned and a pump VFD problem corrected. These issues caused filler downtime due to inconsistent flow during hot and cold weather
  • Upgraded PanelView and recipe corrections in the batching HMI
  • The existing OEE system did not include centralized reporting. EPIC added Rockwell FactoryTalk Metrics to the chemical packaging line.  Fault codes were reported for all equipment in a centralized PC output for line operators
  • Faults were added for all equipment; including conveyors, filler, case packer and a depalletizer. These faults were aggregated to provide additional data for ongoing proactive downtime issue resolution
  • A laser date coder was purchased but never installed on the chemical packaging line. EPIC successfully integrated the new date coder, causing a dramatic effect on speed


  • Supervisors were able to identify fault codes and recurring line problems faster with an aggregate view of issues through FactoryTalk
  • Major mechanical errors, that caused frequent line stoppage, were identified for immediate correction
  • Throughput was maximized with better line balance, allowing a smooth product flow without major product backups or shortages from one equipment piece to the next
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