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How to Present the Value of Automation to Upper Management

Do you know when the right time is to ask for upgrades to working systems? How do you create buy-in with upper management, so they understand why automation upgrades are necessary. Automation systems integrators can help you present the value of automation and equipment upgrades by helping you understand the risks of staying with old systems and the rewards of upgrading.

In this whitepaper we cover:

  • The risk of system failure
  • The cost of decreased production numbers
  • The impact of lost data
  • The value of increased production quantity and quality
  • The upside of advanced reporting
  • The importance of increased safety

Read “How to Present the Value of Automation to Upper Management” or contact EPIC for more information: 314-714-1580

How Cost is Determined for Automation System Design Projects

How is cost determined by vendors when quoting industrial automation systems? Which elements will have the largest effect on cost? As you start working with vendors to create your automation systems design, you are probably wondering what the end price tag is going to be and how you can keep costs under control

In this Whitepaper, we cover:

  • How industrial automation estimates are created
  • Basic components of an automation cost estimate
  • The top 7 variables that increase costs in an automation project
  • Why calculating ROI is better than straight costing models
  • How to obtain accurate automation ROM’s

Read “Determining Costs of Your Automation Systems Design” or contact EPIC for more information: 314-714-1580

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