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Turnkey Automation Design & Implementation

Automation Engineering & Programming

EPIC understands and avoids common automation issues that derail projects and cause costly delays with difficult start-ups. The EPIC Automation engineering team: programs, implements, and tests control systems to drive project advancement and reduce overall costs. Following a practical approach to process automation, we implement unique techniques to improve:  production throughput, consistency and product quality.

Process control programming has evolved in complexity with a wide variety of automation platforms, monitoring options and networking techniques. When selecting your automation company, determine if they are experienced in your required platform and industry. Find an integrator with programming and IT networking expertise to ensure faster automation and eliminate costly delays.

Using proper automation engineering techniques and fundamentals, an automated production line should:

  • process-control-engineerCreate harmony with various equipment
  • Use controls feedback to find potential problems quickly before they become big issues
  • Have a positive effect on your operators and maintenance personnel
  • Advance your manufacturing processes
  • Improves conditions for personnel
  • Reduces employee insurance costs by eliminating hazardous tasks
  • Reduce your long term costs

Production manufacturing applications EPIC offers control and automation engineering programming for:

  • DCS Programming
  • Logic Programming
  • PC-Based Programming
  • PLC Programming
  • Operator Interface Programming

Controls for automation platforms can be standardized according to:

  • Client-preferred logic platforms
  • Compliance with all existing plant standards and safety regulations
  • Compliance with brands already integrated into the production facility

Manufacturers realize the true competitive advantage automation brings to their production processes when the service is delivered by an EPIC process control engineer.

Data Collection and Automation Engineering

EPIC collects and applies appropriate data to process technology at all levels. EPIC’s automation engineers understand how to log key process data parameters to develop comprehensive solutions based upon your needs.

EPIC configures data collection to log key statistics including:

  • Inventory management
  • Operational and production-related information
  • Overall effectiveness of equipment (OEE)
  • Product tracking
  • Quality assurance & Scheduling

An EPIC process control engineer will automate the harvesting of data from your line’s control systems, have it exported in real-time to in a preferred format to an existing plant specific production monitoring system. Real-time data can be exported to:

  • QA Systems
  • MES or SAP systems
  • Relational databases including Oracle and SQL Servers
  • Upper-level reporting systems
  • Custom applications

Data security from the automation and control engineering production process is important. EPIC implements backup strategies to ensure you have the information you need to make crucial business decisions.  EPIC’s engineering automation team helps you access the right data to make decisions that help systems reach above standard production at lower costs and downtimes.

Get Started

Are you ready to get started with your automation project? Contact an engineer today 314-254-9768 to discuss your application. At EPIC you will be put in direct contact with a project engineer who will help you get started...

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