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Enhance the Performance of Your Entire Plant

Automation done right enhances the performance of your entire plant, from smoother line operations to high output and efficiency. To effectively manage equipment you need reliable, robust automation solutions that keep your plant running at peak performance 24/7/365. 

Automated solutions can help you address challenges like:

What challenges can EPIC automation solve for you? 

  • Is your production line falling short of your expectations? 
  • Are you tired of trying to manage faulty equipment, unreliable performance, and spotty coverage? 
  • Do you want your existing plant to be more profitable, more sustainable or more efficient? 
  • Are you considering purchasing new equipment or adding lines but not sure how to ensure optimal integration and performance? 
  • Trying to add new technologies and capabilities but keep your lean production reliable? 

Work with an EPIC Automation Expert

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Providing a Full Plant Perspective with an Integrated Team of Experts

A robust automation solution with poor process design is just as useless as premium equipment with a poor controls strategy. How you get effective plant solutions without seeing a 360 degree view of every part of your production process? The EPIC automation team does not work from an isolated automation bubble. Our integrated team includes experts in process systems, controls, packaging integration, equipment fabrication, QA, etc.

Any EPIC automation solution we provide:

  • Keeps controls and inputs as simple as possible for line operators 
  • Runs on clear, non-conflicting logic to avoid process confusion 
  • Is designed on a basis of known solutions that work, not good ideas with no known payback 
  • Uses well-known, widely available platforms and instrumentation 
  • Incorporates new technologies in a practical manner where they make sense for improving operations, with thorough testing before implementation 
  • Provides you actionable alerts and insights, not massive data feeds to sort through 
  • Maximizes production flexibility within the confines of what makes sense for your budget, timeline and current operational needs 
Process Automation

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