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Automation Partnerships

Rockwell Automation Systems

As a recognized Rockwell Automation Systems Integrator, EPIC identifies which software and hardware integration techniques are the most cost effective for your application.

rockwell-automationOur team of automation engineers have extensive knowledge and experience with Rockwell Automation software and Allen Bradley hardware.

Whether it is a completely new factory automation design and integration or an automation system upgrade, our engineers will deliver a successful advanced automated solution for your manufacturing plant. Click on the drop-downs below for information on the different Rockwell software platforms we use to integrate manufacturing plants and systems.

PlantPAx Plant-Wide Systems

PlantPAx Plant-Wide Systems

PlantPAx is a plant wide distributed control system that is a scalable and secure with a standard based architecture. The benefit to PlantPAx over traditional distributed control systems is the adaptable hardware feature. It uses the same PLC hardware (CPLX and CLX) that is already in use in your plant to bring the “Modern DCS” to your facility.

PlantPAx can be designed for both smaller modules as well as plant wide systems. The defined system elements of PlantPAx promote consistency in design and programming using open source code vs proprietary code. This feature allows for a widely supported system without restriction when system upgrades are performed.

Are you using an obsolete DCS system or other outdated control system? Contact an engineer today about upgrading to a PlantPAx system. 

FactoryTalk View

FactoryTalk View

FactoryTalk View is an HMI solution that can be integrated with your control system to allow different levels of plant control through the Site Edition (SE) or Machine Edition (ME) platforms.

  • FactoryTalk SE is a supervisory-level HMI software for monitoring and controlling distributed-server/multi-user applications. SE provides a real-time overview of operations for various departments and stakeholders within the company.
  • FactoryTalk ME is a machine operator level HMI software that provides superior graphics, run-time user management, and faster commissioning time through a common development environment.
  • Both ME and SE offer the ability to view graphics from Web browsers to deliver the system status to the office.

If your system uses three to four operating stations, you may want to consider implementing ThinManager. ThinManager is a software used to deliver visual data on assets, HMIs, applications, and more to the right user at any location in your company through multiple device options. Learn more on why you should consider upgrading to ThinManager… 

FactoryTalk Batch

FactoryTalk Batch

Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Batch software optimizes manufacturing and plant efficiency through the reuse of: code, recipes, phases and logic. Some of the features include: detailed electronic data collection and reporting, batch process simulation and the ability to lock and preserve recipes.

FactoryTalk Batch allows clients to integrate and exchange batch and recipe information with corporate information systems. Plants using FactoryTalk Batch systems have seen measurable improvements in quality with increased production. Popular industries using the control software include: pharmaceutical, food, beverage, heavy industry, and pulp and paper industries. 

FactoryTalk Historian

FactoryTalk Historian

FacoryTalk Historian software is used for data collecting and reporting to assist in improving plant operations through data insights. FactoryTalk Historian offers a machine edition (ME) and a site edition (SE). FactoryTalk ME gives real-time process and production data for a single machine with no moving parts. FactoryTalk SE collects data from multiple machines and devices on the plant floor.

EPIC’s automation engineers can discuss the benefits of FactoryTalk ME and SE to assist in determining which one is best for your needs. Contact an engineer today… 

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

EPIC Systems uses Rockwell software products to capture and store data for various applications.  EPIC can use the information from the Rockwell software platforms to develop an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) system.  This strategy can locate problem areas in a plant, find cost efficiencies and improve effectiveness.

Data collection can also be used to produce reports, track raw materials, lot codes, and inventory. 

ControlLogix Systems

ControlLogix Systems

ControlLogix (CLX) is a high-end, integrated system that can improve automation performance and memory capabilities. CLX systems offer processor and I/O redundancy for critical process applications, extreme condition hardware, and can replace hardware without shut down. Issues are easier to diagnose and systems are effortlessly adapted to any application.

Our automation engineers work with manufacturing plants to upgrade their systems from PLC5s to ControlLogix. Read why you should consider upgrading to ControlLogix if you are using PLC5s…

CompactLogix Systems

CompactLogix Systems

CompactLogix (CPLX) is a mid-range, integrated system that has many similarities to ControlLogix, but is best suited for smaller applications. Some differences include a smaller form factor and a lower system cost.

Our engineers will work with you to determine if your application would benefit best from a CompactLogix or a ControlLogix system. 

MicroLogix Systems

MicroLogix Systems

MicroLogix (MLX) is a small programmable logic controller solution. There are five levels of control available to allow this system to function across a wide variety of applications. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss using EPIC as your Rockwell Automation Systems Integrator, click here to contact an automation engineer…


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