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Privacy Policy

The EPIC Systems Group, LLC Privacy Policy is effective as of July 2018:

The EPIC Systems Group, LLC. (“EPIC”) Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and share personal information obtained from you when you visit any of our websites. Please read this policy carefully. By accessing, using or submitting information on any of our websites, you consent to the collection, use and sharing of information as set forth below.

EPIC fully respects your personal information. We vow to secure the privacy of you and your personal information submitted through our sites’ Contact Us forms, e-blast opt-in, careers section and any other means by which you freely surrender your contact or other personal information. Because you ultimately retain the right to all your identifying information, EPIC discloses below the means by which you are able to modify or take back control of the information submitted via our websites. At any time after you’ve submitted your personal information, you reserve the ability to opt-out of communication with us. EPIC uses commercially reasonable safeguards to store and protect any information transmitted through its websites. However, because information on the transmitted through the internet is never completely secure, we cannot guarantee or warrant the absolute security of any information you communicate to EPIC. In the event any personal information is compromised, we will take all reasonable steps to investigate and, where necessary, inform any individual whose information may have been compromised.

EPIC may request certain information such as your name, address, phone number, email address or project specifications. We may retain any messages you send through our website, as well as, other automatic information such as your IP address or other browser information. We use this information to communicate with you and to offer you the best customer experience possible. By submitting your request for information via our website, you consent to receiving electronic communication from EPIC in response. You may revoke this consent by notifying EPIC at any time.
EPIC will under no circumstances, solicit, distribute or disclose any of your personal information to a third party. All submission of information through EPIC’s sites is completely optional. Any “required” fields are intended to create a customized experience for our users in returning their requests for information. Your submission of information will be used by EPIC to follow up with you regarding requests for information pertaining to a specific need that EPIC might help you to fulfill. We keep all resumes received from our website on file and use the information only when an appropriate job opportunity within our company becomes available. EPIC reserves the right to disclose your personal information if such disclosure is deemed necessary to comply with the law or legal proceedings, with or without providing notice to you.

Under all circumstances and at all times, you have control over whether you receive additional information from EPIC beyond that pertaining to your initial inquiry. EPIC may use your personal information to contact you regarding an optional survey to learn about your manufacturing. We will not collect any personal data in our surveys and will only use the collected data to improve our business offerings. EPIC will analyze the characteristics of our customers through the personal information we receive to improve our service offerings to customers. Based upon your initial request for information, EPIC will use your submitted contact information to provide you with customer support or to communicate with you to provide you with meaningful information. The information we pass along to you will address positive advances in our capabilities with technology or service offerings as well as innovations in domestic production. Contact EPIC Systems Group, LLC. at any time to opt-out of communication with us or to edit your existing personal information.

Every piece of content (e.g., design, imagery, written content, video content, etc.) on the EPIC websites are the property of EPIC Systems Group, LLC and protected by the United States and international laws of copyright, trademark and all other applicable intellectual property laws. All logos belong to EPIC Systems, Incorporated and are registered trademarks. By law, no content is to be used without written permission from a member of EPIC’s management team. All logos or mention of business or non-business partners appearing on the EPIC site are property of those parties and have been used with their strict consent. EPIC’s websites may include links to third party websites and informative resources. All documents and information contain full citation and credit given to the originators of said content. Please note, all third party sites have independent privacy polies and EPIC is not responsible for how your information may be used by a third party. Therefore, please read any third party’s privacy policy.

Your visit to our websites and any dispute related to privacy is governed by the laws of the State of Missouri. EPIC reserves the right to make changes or modifications to any section of this website including this privacy policy, under any circumstances. If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or want to discuss the handling of your personal information, please feel free to contact us via the means most convenient for you.

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