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Upgrade from Manual to Automated Batch Process Manufacturing System

batch process manufacturingEPIC replaced a manual batch processing facility with an automated batch process manufacturing system. We provided a complete turnkey batch processing system including skids pre-wired to on-skid control panels. Each module communicated via Ethernet network to other equipment,  the operator interface and batch control logic.

CLIENT: The International Company
INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage


  • ControlLogix PAC Platform
  • Wonderware Intouch


  • Defining the procedures for the current manual batch process and determining the best approach to automate the process
  • Develop an easy to use control application and architecture for operators used to doing operations manually.
    Integrate some used equipment from the old facility into the new facility
  • We were able to automate the customers process and train the operations staff to quickly adapt to the automated system. Troubleshooting features and problem guides helped the customer adapt to the new controls.

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