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CIP System Industrial Automation System Design, Control Modification, & Expansion

system control

The client had an existing CIP system which had never fully passed qualifications due to inaccurate system control.  EPIC’s job was to troubleshoot the existing industrial automation system design and to fabricate, automate, and commission an additional CIP system to help meet production demand.

CLIENT: Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer

INDUSTRY: Cosmetics / Personal Care

Key Features:

  • Multiple virtual server control system using VMWare ESXi
  • Wonderware system platform installation
  • Wonderware InBatch used for CIP sequences
  • Allen Bradly Control Logix PLC’s
  • Customized SQL Reports for CIP Documentation
  • ACP ThinManager used for thin client management and mobile access to factory software
  • Three separate control panels used to coordinate CIP flushes for multiple product SKU’s

Core Challenges:

  • Existing system (not designed by EPIC) had controls errors that needed correction to pass qualification and was not designed with two CIP systems in mind.
  • Each CIP system operates on its own and needs to be powered down without affecting the other systems. This required controls to be separated out in three systems; one for the existing CIP skid, a second for the additional system, and a third containing controls and IO common to both CIP systems.
  • Tight timelines for performing program modifications
  • Pharmaceutical grade operating environment requiring extensive documentation, checkout, ad validation.


EPIC designed, manufactured, and integrated a Clean-In-Place (CIP) process system for a Fortune 500 cosmetics company. Because of a fast-track timeline, the customer needed a company who could complete industrial automation system design, engineering, installation, and commissioning. EPIC’s in-house automation team with process expertise helped ensure the systems were delivered on spec, on time, and on budget.

The goal of the new automated systems was to increase production efficiency during product changeovers. EPIC was also challenged to integrate the new system with a troubled existing CIP system from another vendor, and then to make the two units operate in sync.

Three separate control panels were integrated by EPIC’s team of automation engineers; one for each system plus an additional gateway system to marry the two systems together. EPIC’s team standardized the industrial automation system design across all three systems making future expansions and system changes much easier to complete.

In order to comply with FDA regulations, EPIC prepared an 8,000 page turnover package to aid in system validation. EPIC’s team of engineers assisted through the installation, commissioning, and validation efforts.


  • Both CIP Systems passed validation; the new one from EPIC and the re-programmed system from another vendor. This was the first time the troubled system fully passed validation.
  • Increased production capacity and SKU flexibility achieved with dual systems.


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