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Systematic Material Recycling Machine Automation

machine automationEPIC engineered, designed and fabricated a custom solution to recycle power cells using high speed machine automation. A series of fast, mechanical actions, timed by the automated controls, disassemble canisters and separate materials at high rates.

CLIENT: Fortune 500 Company

INDUSTRY: Personal Power Industry


  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC – for machine automation
  • Servo motor that turns a reciprocating table with embedded linear cams. Cam plate motion moves the grippers to separate the materials
  • Continuous motion disassembly
  • Unique combination of rotary motion and linear motion


  • Power cells had multiple elements in close proximity which required delicate manipulation to separate. Near perfect timing is required to achieve the production rates.
  • Internal power cell elements required careful machine material selection to maintain application robustness
  • Required multiple prototyping development stages
  • The required production rate and available factory space required a very compact machine design

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