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Consumer Goods Facility Reaches Out to Top PLC Automation Companies for ControlLogix Conversion

Outdated PLC5 controls couldn’t support a vision system and reject station upgrade. EPIC converted the PLC5 I/O, replaced the processors and established communication to a Honeywell DCS system with ControlLogix. It is critical to partner with experienced PLC automation companies for automation plant conversions. 

Robotic factory line for processing and bottling of pure springCLIENT: Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverages


  • ControlLogix 5000 platform upgrade from PLC5
  • Honeywell DCS Integration
  • High speed camera and reject station integration on food production line


  • A short time period for system changeover was critical to minimize plant downtime.
  • Extensive system simulation and testing had to be completed before conversion
  • Training for maintenance technicians on new ControlLogix system had to be completed in short window following the system installation period

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