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Flammable Reaction Skid Requires Intrinsically Safe PLC Control

plc control A custom engineered pilot plant was fabricated to convert material derived from a plant-based energy source (plant-based), to a replacement for a fossil fuel derivative. EPIC implemented intrinsically safe instrumentation and PLC control.

CLIENT: Fortune 500 Company

INDUSTRY: Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy


  • Future technologies proof-of-concept pilot plant
  • Class I, Group D, Division 1 and Division II hazardous areas present on the skid for highly flammable chemicals
  • FlexEx Intrinsically Safe I/O with intrinsically safe instruments and valves, to reduce installation costs
  • Rockwell ControLogix PLC control, utilizing intrinsically safe ControlNet communications to the I/O
  • Main control panel and drives for skid located separately in a general purpose classified area
  • Wonderware InTouch HMI with custom screens designed specifically for the process
  • Complete power distribution equipment was engineered and provided for the project


  • Proprietary technology scale-up
  • Skid design – all process equipment contained within two skids, to allow transport to the destination site and comply with highway restrictions
  • Layout – Ensuring all equipment and critical processes are accessible within skid
  • Hazardous chemical handling and area classification zones located within each skid
  • A temperature controlled raw material storage cabinet was supplied due to one of the raw materials being highly temperature sensitive
  • Multiple heat trace circuits on each skid due to multiple product stream temperature requirements

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