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DeltaV DCS Controls for Experimental Process Automation System

process automation systemA process automation system originally designed with Allen Bradley Controls was requested by the client to be adapted to a DeltaV control system. Isolated DCS was programmed to control both sequencing events within the stripping column and looped analog instrumentation.

CLIENT: Akermin, Inc.

INDUSTRY: Carbon Recovery | Refineries


  • Isolated DCS control system with specialized programming
  • Control loops for continuous stripping process and analogue instrumentation
  • Data sampling for various process controls: temperature control, level control, pressure control, etc.


  • DCS had to be adapted to run both sequencing events within the column and looping events in the analog instrumentation simultaneously
  • Controls were required to collect and measure data from various sampling points and instrumentation throughout the system
  • Historical data trending and incorporation of client formulas to calculate carbon capture outcomes with graphical representation

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