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Industrial Automation Services

Batch Process Automation

an engineer configures an electrical valveTo stay competitive you need to be able to monitor and control your batch processing and blending operations while improving consistency and manufacturing flexibility.  Easily build, manage and modify recipes and ingredients. Trace batches from production through testing, packaging, storage, and distribution. Access archiving and reporting systems anywhere in your facility for MES and MOM integration.

EPIC integrates proven batch control systems that are flexible and scale with your changing needs. We integrate a range of batch automation solutions. Based on your needs, budget and goals, we will help you select the best automation products that will return the ROI you are looking for. Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • InBatch management system programming and integration, ex. Wonderware Inbatch
  • Ingredient inventorying software
  • Tracability programming for all ingredients and batches
  • Flexible and remote ingredient substiutions, recipes updates and process control solutions
  • Process control systems that keep product within spec and record a production archive
  • ERM, LIM, MES, MOM integration services
  • Data collection systems
  • Historian Systems
  • HMI and SCADA integration
  • Network design and support
  • OEE and downtime measurement

Automated Batch Blending Case Studies

Food Processing Plant Expansion Benefits from Batch Controls Upgrade

batch process manufacturingMoving and expanding operations to a new facility, a food processing client wished to upgrade existing equipment and find greater processing efficiencies. EPIC provided a complete automated batch processing system including skids pre-wired to on skid control panels. Existing equipment was integrated with new processing and packaging lines on the ControlLogix PAC Platform with Wonderware InTouch software.

Key Features: ControlLogix PAC Platform, Wonderware InTouch, plant expansion

Pilot Plant with Batch Control System Increases Production by 60%

batch process chemical engineeringA mostly manual process with long product development needed an automation and equipment upgrade. EPIC provided an automated batching pilot plant with recipe management software that featured new capabilities for the client.

The larger equipment fit into the existing space thanks to a modular pilot skid design, and resulted in 60% more product formulated on the line. This upgrade also allowed to client to expand custom formulation options to their end clients.

Key Features: Batch reaction process, automated batching controls, process module automation, chemical pilot plant.


“Our team at Gates Corporation requested EPIC Systems to design an upgrade of our chemical mixing software and PLC programming.  EPIC’s engineers were well versed in the different technologies available and were able to explain the options to  our engineers to develop the best solution for Gates Corporation. 

EPIC designed and tested the system offline and provided 24 hour support at implementation which resulted in no downtime for production.  EPIC provided documentation, training and continuing support to help Gates utilize the new system to its fullest potential.   Working with EPIC made this upgrade project run smoothly and resulted in a robust system that continues to meet Gates manufacturing needs.”

– Karla Bier, Ph.D., P.E.  Development Engineer | Gates Corporation

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