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Industrial Automation Services

Factory Automation

Factory AutomationFactory Automation, also known as Industrial Automation, deals with the automation of manufacturing, quality control, and material handling processes. General-purpose controllers for industrial processes can include Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and/or traditional PC based computers.

Factory Automation includes the integration of systems such as:

  • Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Robotics
  • Component Indexing
  • Material Handling

Factory Automation Case Studies

Factory Automation for Liquid Cleaning Plant

Factory Automation CompaniesSeveral intricate mixing stages with ingredient additions were automated in a complex multi-stage batching system for a liquid detergent facility.  The plant automation integrated raw materials and transport systems, along with an automated bottle filling and packaging line.

A delicate mixing process required constant automated monitoring with highly accurate additions. Process data capture for feedback and automated correction was integrated as part of the system. Prior to plant installation, EPIC conducted extensive controls simulation.

Key Features: Multi-stage batch mixing system, controls simulation and testing, live process data capture for process feedback and automated correction

High Speed Bottling Line Installed in Automated Factory

Factory Automation SystemAfter a product redesign, a Fortune 100 company needed a new high speed bottling line. The line had to accommodate a uniquely shaped bottle and cap and included mechanical adjustments to various packaging lines. The high speed line includes automated quality checks with vision systems integrated by EPIC.

Key Features: integrated high speed bottling line, machine vision quality inspection systems

Automation Strategies for Your Plant

EPIC’s engineers work with you to identify the correct factory automation strategy, whether automating a new manufacturing machine into an existing factory setting or creating a completely new custom machine solution.

EPIC specializes in the design, fabrication, and automation of custom assembly machines and assembly line equipment. EPIC designs, builds, and automates assembly machines for:

  • Part descrambling and sorting
  • Part insertion
  • Part indexing
  • Sub-assembly insertion
  • Mechanical pick-and-place
  • Vacuum-assisted pick-and-place


“I recommend the integration/automation services of EPIC Systems, Inc. EPIC has completed many projects for Pinnacle Foods over the last four years, successfully updating many areas of our manufacturing facility with new equipment, programming modifications, and construction management.

EPIC is a preferred integrator for Pinnacle because they offer automation, mechanical integration, fabrication and process system services all from one company. Their experience in project management and manufacturing combined with quick service makes them a valuable partner during integration projects and facility upgrades.”

– Robert Hollinshead, Project Engineer | Pinnacle Foods


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