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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

manufacturing operations managementWhich pieces of data from your production are the most important? What efficiencies are you missing? Should you automate quality tracking?

These are questions our professional Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integration team can help you answer. Monitoring your process and production lines is only helpful if you know how to take advantage of the data you are getting.

EPIC has been helping manufacturing plant operators get actionable, real-time data out of MES systems for nearly 15 years. We will help you increase manufacturing yields, streamline procurement and reduce labor & material costs.

Manufacturing Execution System Integration Services

It’s hard to stay competitive in today’s lean manufacturing environment. Finding plant efficiencies through MES and data is one pillar that can help sustain your competitive edge. EPIC provides full services MES integration from concept development through programming, implementation and checkout.

Common systems and platforms  we work with are:

Types of Systems

  • Batch execution systems
  • Batch management
  • Downtime Reporting Systems
  • Historians
  • IOT solutions
  • Labor management
  • Labor tracking solutions
  • Network Design & Support
  • OEE Systems
  • Operations information systems (OIS),
  • Production planning and scheduling systems
  • Production Tracking Systems
  • Recipe Management Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Virtualization
  • Web-based Applications
  • And more…

  • ArchestraA
  • Abas ERP
  • C3’s Amulet
  • Datacor Chempax
  • Epicor
  • Exact JobBOSS
  • GE Proficy Plant Applications
  • IQMS
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • NWA Quality Analyst
  • Oracle OPM and MES
  • Packmanager
  • Quantum
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk ProductionCentre
  • SAP Visiprise and MII
  • Savigent Workflow
  • Siemens SIMATIC IT Suites
  • SysPro
  • Wonderware Factelligence, InTouch and InBatch
  • And more…

For information on a platform or system you didn’t see above, please contact EPIC to discuss your specific need. We work with you throughout the MES process to:

  • Enable data collection through your facility or area of interest
  • Ensure system security with gateways and, when needed, manual shutdown options for remote access points
  • Evaluate your existing operations for improvements
  • Improve Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) by integrating MES/MOM with supply chain management, quality control systems, maintenance scheduling, product distribution and warehousing, etc. for a seamless manufacturing supply chain
  • Integrate MES in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other databases
  • Provide any necessary control or automation upgrades
  • Provide options for flexible manufacturing solutions
  • Support all manufacturing execution automation, implementation and startup tasks
  • Support integration of higher-level systems such as Enterprise Management Intelligence (EMI), and IOT projects 
  • Train plant floor operators, upper management and any other stakeholders in how to properly use MES/MOM and take advantage of insights

MES/MOM Case Studies

Batch Control System Provides Flexibility to Evolving Formulations

MES for chemical plantA chemical manufacturer that provides highly customized mixes to end-customers needed a flexible automation solution that helped control costs and optimize production up-time. EPIC optimized throughput and maximized equipment use by upgrading the system to run multiple batches simultaneously while using redundant batch server options.

The new system also provided high versatility in recipe management and formula changes, utilizing Batch Markup Langauge (Batch ML) and a comprehensive electronic batch record (EBR) system. Other system integrations included: ArchestrA System Platform integration for end-to-end genealogy; Microsoft Hyper-V for tracking and lowering lifecycle costs and improving reliability; and an independent control system via DA servers.

Features: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integration, Batch Markup Langauge (Batch ML), EBR system, ArchestraA, Microsoft Hyper-V lifecycle tracking, independent control system.

Cloud-Based Downtime and OEE Tracking System Brings Instant Insights

Manufacturing Automation Company designs controls for food plantEPIC worked with the pre-existing historian system at the plant to integrate the new OEE and downtime tracking system without interrupting current plant operations. The new OEE system displays statistics at a glance for entire lines or for individual machines on the line. The system measures how much product is created over a period of time by looking at the number of cases at the end of the line. This is compared to case expectations for a line running at 100% efficiency.

For individual machines, the percent of available uptime used is measured. During this process the system records the amount of downtime, allowing for better tracking, identification of problems on the line and faster information sharing. Remote admins can view the system from their desktop from the cloud based system, run reports with various parameters over selected periods of time, and extract other necessary data.

Key Features: Downtime and OEE tracking systems, continuous plant floor OEE statistics display, cloud-based application with instant user access to OEE and downtime data, integration with existing historian system


“We are a technology driven company and strive to provide a technical advantage for our clients. We continually rely upon the expertise of EPIC Systems to maintain and improve our technical edge in the industry. EPIC has excellent breadth across multiple engineering disciplines. Access to this broad expertise enables us to rapidly innovate, design and implement new technologies and systemic improvements which continually improve the performance, reliability and safety of our manufacturing processes.”

– Ron Cunningham, Owner | Agraform 

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